When can you discipline your employee?

When can you discipline your employee?

Disciplining an employye is always unpleasant for everyone involved.the most effective disciplinary action should be a motivational opportunity so that the employee is inspired to perform better.many corporate institution use progressive discipline to address problematic behavior,which progresses through four stages:first comes a verbal warning,then a written warning,then a final written warning and/or suspension,followed by termination.

Following some tips discipline witout causing conflict.

1. do not discipline without preparation

2. scolds immediately after the violation

3. do it personally

4. give strikes in a state of calm

5. focus on the issue

6. give them the opportunity to express the problem

7. tell us what you want and advice

8. make a commitment to joint repair

9. enforce regulations to be consistent,firm and fair.

Discipline an employee can help ensure positive, working relations and a better,stronger business.



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