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In my opinion, the best way to acheive corporate goals is not to focus on how to “Discipline” employees. Because the act of disciplining accured as a “reaction”.

How to make clear directions, coaching, motivation, rewards and efective supervision are need to get more attentions and guaranteed be practiced in the workspace. By having these things emphasized as the corporate culture, means the organization is focus more in how to keep the desired pace of productivity maintained and preventively avoid mistakes and fraudulents.

But if when any discipline is necessary, in my opinion, the best way to resolve it is by first is being prompt. Don’t wait it up. Face the problem immediately.

Secondly is to make it impersonal and being discuss in private.

And the last thing is the approach I prefer to confront the issue is by using questioning approach. Meaning that instead of highlighting the mistake done, I think it is more effective just to ask their opinion of how the effect caused by the mistake for the organization and corporate goals, and how or what should be done by employees to avoid such effect.

By having them answer these questions creates regret and awareness about the mistake done and make them feel that their being part of the solution. By doing this is also avoid defensive mechanism which will create more reluctent to change.

When can you discipline your employee?

Disciplining an employye is always unpleasant for everyone involved.the most effective disciplinary action should be a motivational opportunity so that the employee is inspired to perform better.many corporate institution use progressive discipline to address problematic behavior,which progresses through four stages:first comes a verbal warning,then a written warning,then a final written warning and/or suspension,followed by termination.

Following some tips discipline witout causing conflict.

1. do not discipline without preparation

2. scolds immediately after the violation

3. do it personally

4. give strikes in a state of calm

5. focus on the issue

6. give them the opportunity to express the problem

7. tell us what you want and advice

8. make a commitment to joint repair

9. enforce regulations to be consistent,firm and fair.

Discipline an employee can help ensure positive, working relations and a better,stronger business.



referensi :www.wikihow.com


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