diskusi 8 bi niaga smster 1

According to the article, as a leader if you want your employees follow you, what  you should do?
Make a positive , motivating style and the workplace happy.
then employees will follow.

Here are some tips to help you become a leader in all situations.

1. Be a good role model. To be respected, it is very important to show that you know your field. People will respect and listen to you if they know that you have extensive knowledge in your field. Describe your experience. Without boasting, let your employees know how long you have to pursue your business, and what you’ve accomplished. They not only will better understand why you become their boss, but they also will be more admired you and excited to be part of your team. Act in a professional manner. Even if you are the boss, you should still be friendly to all employees and must also meet the basic standard of professionalism, as well-dressed, came to work and meetings on time, and communicate in a professional manner.

2. Clarify the rules and your expectations. Whether you’re a CEO of a company or a manager of a team of four people, is very important to establish your rules clearly from the beginning. Have a basic guideline or rule book that you can teach employees about how they should work. If you’re working on a project, goals and expectations you should be clear from the start so your employees motivated and not confused. It is advisable to clarify your goals in writing. Do not change your orders in the middle of the project. Although some adjustments in the workplace, it is important to not only have a clear desire, but also consistent. If you change your mind about what you want through a meeting, your employees probably will not do it seriously.


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